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General Use of Trusts

Further, there have been individuals, especially from the former Eastern Block countries, Latin America and the Middle East, who want to settle an asset protection trust in order to retain financial stability in anticipation of political volatility, or in order to retain control in dealing with forced heirship control or exchange control regulations. Of course, there have also been those individuals who use the Belize trust in anticipation of marital break-up and resulting financial settlement, or in anticipation of other challenges by spouses or heirs. Without exception the application and enforcement of home jurisdiction laws and public policy is effectively stymied by the application of trust laws which apply to govern the Belize trust.

It is worth noting that another advantage of the trust is that it does not rely for its effectiveness on inhibiting the remedies of creditors, nor does it rely on jurisdiction hopping to protect trust assets. The trust is successful because it allows a legal bar to the rights and powers of creditors who seek to set aside transfers of assets settled in such a trust and to satisfy any judgement received out of the assets of the trusts.