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Other Benefits

EPZ businesses also benefit from Belize’s access to a number of preferential markets including:

  • the US under the Caribbean Basin Initiative,
  • Canada under CARIBCAN
  • The Caribbean under CARICOM and
  • Europe under LOME IV.


  • Businesses avoid many regulatory procedures such as:
  • Import or export licenses are not required for goods in or out an EPZ,
  • Licenses are not required for domestic suppliers selling to EPZZ businesses,
  • No price controls apply to items sold by domestic suppliers to EPZ businesses,
  • No regulatory restrictions on exports, except for fire-arms, military equipment, illegal drugs.

The Supplies (Control) and the Rent Restriction Acts do not apply to EPZ businesses.

In Addition, EPZ businesses enjoy:

  • Negotiable factory space and energy rates,
  • On-site customs facilities,
  • No costs for work permits,
  • Competitive wages,
  • Satellite telecommunications and fiber-optic capability
  • Ample water supplies,
  • Lower energy and telecommunications costs,
  • Three phase electricity,
  • Linkage by road to Mexico, the US, Canada and Central America,
  • Reliable shipping and regularly scheduled frights to North and Central America.