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Tax Exemptions

One of the main incentives for establishing EPZ businesses in Belize is a guarantee 20 year tax holiday from income tax, withholding tax, capital gains tax or any new corporate tax.

As added incentive:

  • There is an option to extend the tax holiday period;
  • Losses incurred during the tax holiday may be carried forward and deducted against any future profits; and
  • Any divided paid by an EPZ business is exempted from tax in perpetuity.

In addition an EPZ business is exempt from:

  • Currency export taxes or foreign exchange taxes on all purchases or sales of foreign currency;
  • Customs, duties, tariffs, consumption taxes, excise taxes, trade turnover taxes, or other taxes for all imports of an EPZ business into an EPZ, including: capital equipment, service and utility vehicles, office furniture, spare parts, raw materials, intermediate goods and supplies, non-retail fuel for energy generating purposes;
  • Customs duties, value-added taxes, sales taxes, excise taxes, trade turnover taxes, tonnage taxes, consumption taxes or other taxes for all exports of an EPZ business out of an EPZ;
  • Capital gains tax on the sale of stock or other partial or complete ownership interest in an EPZ business; and

Property or land tax and property transfer tax.

The Land Tax Act does not apply to EPZ property.